I like food to be, above all else, delicious.  I don’t care so much about cheap or healthy or easy, but I want it to be decadent.  The girlfriend calls me a hedonist, but every time I cook for her it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.  I had family around last weekend to see my Second City writing show (there’s still one more performance!), and we went to tour the big Lincoln Park Whole Foods on Kingsbury (which, full disclosure, I work for).  Mom was insistent I let her buy me vegetables after she looked in my fridge.  We ended up buying a lot of strange microbrews (the “Horny Goat” sampler pack had some winners, though), and a bunch of meat.  To pay everyone back, I cooked for them.

Friday night before the show, I “borrowed” the downstairs neighbors’ grill again, and I made Malaysian Steak Kebabs, based off of a Zak Pelaccio recipe I found in Bon Apetit (the link to the recipe is at the bottom, but I recommend reading the whole article).  Go. Cook. This. Recipe.  I’ve made them twice, and I’ve never been more complimented.  The key, besides his delicious marinade, is that between each piece of meat (I used Tri-Tip), you put a square of fat instead of veggies; you can grill veggies separate.

On Saturday, Mom was unfortunately gone, but I made a Bison Pot roast.  Bison is way leaner and healthier than corn-fed beef, and in this dish its bolder flavor really comes

through.  I use the same recipe I use for beef pot roast, which results in a juicy, falling-apart piece of meat and savory, bold flavored veggies – the onions are practically candy when it’s all said and done.  I managed to feed five people with this monster and still have enough leftover for two huge lunches.  Erin made a really great Kale salad (I thought it was a contradiction in terms, too) and a simple but delicious rice dish.  I’m in the process of putting up my Pot Roast recipe (it turns out I’m an annoying perfectionist when writing recipes), and if Erin will let me I’ll put those up as well.

I’m sorry everyone is gone, but thanks Mom, and cousin Danielle.  Come visit me again soon!

Let me know what you like to cook – or what you’d like to learn to cook!

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