Tomorrow morning is surgery.  I’m nervous.  The fear makes me eat terribly…corn dogs, tater tots, ice cream.  They tell you not to eat the night before surgery.  And I need the break.

It’s not just the eating, though.  I’m restricted as to what I can do.  They won’t let me work.  I’ve got to sit on the side of improv classes – after tomorrow, I don’t know if I’ll be able to even attend.  I’m limited with typing, and I’ve never wanted to build furniture or put things on high shelves more.

Keeping busy helps.  Writing is good, so I’m trying to stay productive.  And there’s a lot of TV shows I can catch up with.  But really, just getting out of the house is nice.  So if you’re in the mood to cheer me up, just take me out for a Coke.  And I’m clumsy, so make sure I don’t bump into things.

Anyway, here’s what the beard looks like today:

Beard Progress, 9/20/2012











Got any other “get out of a funk” ideas?

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