I just found out that Forbes listed “America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods”.  My hometown of Bridgeport was not on there, but my current ‘hood of Wicker Park made number four – and it just so happens that another Bridgeport High School Graduate – my cousin Paul – also lives here.  It may not sound like much, but there are zero Bayard kids here.  So take that, Bayard (Go Bulldogs)!

Of course, as soon as anyone reads this squarest of posts, I’m sure Wicker Park will drop in the rankings, and the entire neighborhood will remind me that I live in Ukranian Village, technically, and that al the real hipsters in Chicago live in Logan Square or Humboldt Park or Pilsen, and what would Forbes know about hip neighborhoods anyway, and Wicker is so full of Yuppies and douchebags now, and if everyone knows about it it can’t be that hip, and why am I still talking to you, I have to go get half of a haircut (see also: here here or here).

How dumb is Bayard to you?

One thought on “Bridgeport, Nebraska , is Hip as Heck

  1. I can’t say if Bayard is dumb or not, never having been there. But it can’t be any worse than Worms, which I have been to. I am impressed with your mousthache, and as the mom of three grown sons, I know all three of them will be looking forward to what in Kearney is called No Shave November, as they did it every year throughout high school. Nice to find another fine blogger from Nebraska. 🙂

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