It’s official!  I am now part of Movember, the month-long moustache-growing event raising money for men’s health awareness.  As a man (or an approximation thereof), I care about men’s health, and you should, too.  So check out my moustache page, and donate if you are so inclined.

You’ve already seen the progress I’ve made, but it’s getting tough.  As you might

The Beard, 10/22

imagine, everyone back home took an unhealthy interest in my appearance (“What, they don’t have barbers in Chicago?”) and now even Erin is kind of wishing I’d just shave it off.  She says she doesn’t remember what I look like.  But this is an injury beard, and I don’t even start physical therapy for another three weeks.  It’s pretty much only for the blog that I stay strong.  Oh, yeah, and for men’s health issues.  So let me know that you’re loving it!

Anyone want to join my moustache team?  Register here and let me know!

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