The beard survives…for now.  Our sketch group had a photo shoot this weekend, and I got

So you see my haircut more than my beard…

some fun pictures with it – I’ll let you know when they are up on the website – where I was compared to Joaquin Phoenix, Zak Galafiniakis, and “an evil priest in a Robert Rodriguez movie.”  I’m pretty happy about that.

But Erin is the one who has to touch it the most…and she says it hurts.  I can’t really argue; it gets itchy, and conditioner isn’t working.  I’m trying to think of a Halloween costume that can justify it (wolfman?


Ditka?), but her birthday is the day after, and I have a wedding to go to on the third.  I’ve already gotten a haircut since my last beard update; the stars are lining up against my more hirsute self.

I’ll probably be able to leave the ‘stache for Movember, but without the beard, I’ll just look like some sort of misguided steampunk kid.  I’m already thinking of getting a bowler hat.

Any thoughts on my dilemma?

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