I don’t technically get out of my sling until the ninth, but apparently beards are scratchy and

A gentleman of some elan

make me look like I’m in the Marshall Tucker band, and despite having “Heard it In a Love Song” stuck in my head pretty much all the time, I wussed out and shaved…mostly.

I left the sweet ‘stache.  I’ve gotten a lot of comments on it, but all I care about are yours.  Also, you can still donate to men’s health at my Movember page, and keep up with my Mustache growing progress.

Having a mustache has been an adventure.  I’ve found that I have a lot more freedom in accessorizing my head, and it was all I could do not to blow my grocery money in the hat store when my sister was here last week.  I can put on a proud look, and pull off Greek Revolutionary, or squint a bit for a Bill the Butcher.  My sister had my favorite comparison, Teddy Roosevelt, who we think was the only US President who had a mustache and no beard.  Finally, my Uncle Steve (some of my family was in Chicago for a wedding this weekend) said I look like Lech Walesa, the second president of Poland.  I suppose you can decide for yourself:

Costa's halloween

Suggest a Mustachio’d Costume in the Comments – I’ll put up a picture of me. As that.  It’s on.

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