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Part of my challenge to eat Chicago’s 50 best sandwiches.

2. The Chicken Dip, Crosby’s Kitchen, Barrett Williams

Dressed to impress lesbians

I see how this challenge is going to help me find new favorite places.  Crosby’s Kitchen will likely be one of those places. From the first smell that hits you as you walk in the door you feel at home, and everything else seems designed to keep that feeling going.  The menu was full of family-sized items – roast leg of lamb and prime rib (the sorts of things I love to cook) – and the decor is full of details to notice on a second look.

Barrett Smiling

Barrett was in my first round of improv classes at Second City, one of the few people who had been in Chicago for less time than I had (one week) before classes started.  I’m sure a lot of those people will be making this list, but I’m glad he was the first one.  Because when he saw my mustache, he asked me who I had tied up to the train tracks somewhere.

Like the mushroom sandwich, chicken is not often going to be my first choice – ours is a beef family – but I stuck with the spirit of this thing and got the magazine number 14.  It was

Pretty good for chicken

just a good, no frills chicken sandwich.  Great bread, well-made chicken, gooey cheese and veggies in a filling portion.  I like too-big flavors, so this was a little underwhelming; but maybe that’s just me and chicken sandwiches.

The real highlight, though, was the iron-skillet cornbread with maple butter.  This is easily the best $5 I’ve ever spent, and I’ve bought a microscope for $5.  Cornbread is

MMM Conebread

something I often find to be a little boring (this is a theme with me), but this was crispy and sweet, with just a hint of pepper (instead of gobs of jalapenos), warmth, and don’t forget, maple butter.  A passing waitress, not ours, saw that we’d ordered it and leaned in to tell us “our cornbread is addictive”.  She was right.

3. BLT, Old Oak Tap, Laura Ochoa (nee Lienemann)

My cousin Laura brought her husband Chris along to get the number one sandwichon the list, which my roommate and inspiration told me breaks his no tag-alongs rule.  So to all

Laura wastes no time.

future sandwich eaters, no tag-alongs.  One-on-one time is too precious.  Laura and Chris were great company, though, always dryly funny – I could go out with them a couple of times a week if our schedules allowed – and Laura requested that I post more recipes for pork.  So keep your eyes peeled for those.

The thunder boomed this morning as I walked down the street, and the angry heavens opened up and rained down, but I walked through the endless wet to Chicago Avenue in order to chase my dreams.

I guess I’m pretty picky – I’ve never liked tomatoes, so again, a BLT isn’t a regular order for me.  But this one was different – the tomato was a fried green tomato, not a sloppy slice of raw beefcake.  I still had to take some of it off, but not as much as I normally do.  The 50 sandwich challenge is broadening my horizons.

Again, I was excited by the bread – a fantastic ciabatta – but it wasn’t the centerpiece this time.  The applewood smoked bacon was perfectly complimented by pimento cheese, adding a little kick to a meat that, delicious as it is, is becoming a cliche.  I’m definitely going to want to come back

About to go whaling.

and explore this brunch menu, having found a second thick and spicy bloody mary with a meat garnish to compliment Smoke Daddy’s smoky one.

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