Faithful Readers – Your correspondant has been absent too long, and there’s a lot to catch up on.  This week I’ll post about upcoming stand-up shows, the fate of my mustache, and what is a Dutch Hop?  But today, I need to catch you up on the next two sandwiches from my adventure.

4. Duck Confit and Mozzarella, First Slice Pie Cafe, Amy Young

Amy was in my level one class at iO, and didn’t hesitate in letting me know

Amy with her Duck Confit
Amy digs in…

“I want in”.  She was ready with a sandwich choice, a time, and some inane opinions in the Gale vs. Peeta debate (somehow she thinks Peeta could be played by Alexander Skarsgard).

First Slice Pie Cafe is a really cool Andersonville spot – it’s a bit of a hike from my house, but there’s a really comfortable atmosphere and you can smell the pies.  A perfect place to just drink coffee and write your screenplay or young adult novel, or, if you aren’t into making money, your blog.  The Duck Confit and Mozzarella was pretty good – I could see why it was only 36 on the list.


Crisp toasted bread, rich duck breast, and creamy mozzarella.  Amy and I

both agreed that it went a little overboard on the mushrooms, but I’m not really a mushroom person.  My only real big complaint was that I didn’t have room left over for pie.


5. Atomica Cemitas, Cemitas Puebla, Abby Reynolds


This is my favorite sandwich so far.  Meat and meat, on top of meat and meat.  Each meat with its own distinct flavor, the bits of avocado and mexican slaw spicing it up in just the right way.  Cemitas Puebla is worth the hike to Lawndale and the accordant chance of being shot.

Abby is easily one of my best friends in Chicago.  We work together and live right next to each other, and when I didn’t know anyone, she made sure to invite me to parties and take me out to bars.  She is still one of the most reliable people I have to just go out and drink with.  And when it comes to just going out and drinking, reliability goes a long ways.

Getting her to go out to lunch, however, is another story.  She’s usually either working or sleeping in by the time I’m hungry, so while it was clear from the get go that she’d be partIMG_0146 of the sandwich challenge, I sort of had to spring it on her.  I stared texting her at ten in the morning, and kept at it to make sure that I was really hard to ignore.  When she asked where we’d go, I just told her I’d drive.  When she said she’d be down in ten minutes, I gave her twenty-five.  And the persistence paid off at Cemitas Pueblas, a place run by a short man with a wispy beard who reminded me of the grandfather from Three Ninjas.  The wall is plastered with photos of him and what appear to be wax figures of celebrities.

There’s not a lot else to tell about this meal…I guess with some friends, what you talk about doesn’t really matter.

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