So our first show out of the gate was a wild success.  Every single act more than delivered to a sold-out crowd, and I have tons and tons of people to thank for making it happen…

The scheduled second performance, however, was dead in the water almost before it began.  After failing to notice I’d booked the first on Mother’s Day, I failed to notice I’d booked the second for Father’s Day.  So rather than ask the members of the band and audience members lucky enough to have parents living nearby, I decided to postpone the next Cabaret until July…I’ve got really special stuff planned, and details will follow.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to host a get together on the original proposed day at the Den Theatre space I had reserved.  We’ll be showing some video sketches, and I’ve invited some really great standup performers, m usicians, and improv groups to perform, notably Travler, a duo comprised of Tyler Davis and the soon-to-be-departing Travis Kendall.  It’s going to be a free show (donations welcome!) and a lot of fun!

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