“What was that, that you just said?”

“I said you’re not the woman I -”

“Not that. About my name on a placard.”

“No, I said NOT putting your name on a placard.”

“About NOT putting my name on a placard, then.”

“I said you’re not some martyr who deserves to have their name put up on a placard.”


“I thought you wanted to have a discussion?”

“I did.”

“I’m not the one who -”

“I did want to but, why say ‘placard’?”


“Why a placard and not a plaque?”

“What difference…look, you were the one who wanted to discuss -.”

“I know. And I do. But I can’t now because I’m wondering what a ‘placard’ is.”

“It’s like a plaque.”

“Then why not say plaque?”

“I didn’t give it this much – ”

“Is it like a luncheon?”


“I always wondered if people called big lunches ‘luncheons’ just to sound fancy, or if there’s some kind of ‘precision of language’ thing. Does luncheon really mean something different?”

“Who cares? It’s just formal.”

“I guess. ‘Want to go to lunch?’”

“I’m not going to let you distract -”

“I’m just trying it out loud. ‘Would you like to attend a luncheon?’”

“If you want to change the subject I’m going -”

“This is the subject.”

“In no world is this any-”

“Tell me what a placard is.”

“It’s like a plaque?”

“Then just say plaque.”

“…It’s like a lighter-duty plaque.”

“Like a temporary plaque?”


“Like a sign?”

“…like a sign.”

“You wouldn’t even put my name on a plaque that’s temporary.”

“…that’s really reading into…You’re really reaching here.”


“Don’t you think you’re reaching?”


“Are you going to answer me?”


“Are you crying?”


“I don’t think I should stay.”

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