About the Show 

The CostaCoast Cabaret variety show is an endeavor to revive the fun, circus-like atmosphere of old-time vaudeville shows without the predictability of the same old routines.  We want to bring together entertainers from different arenas and disciplines to keep the audience surprised and spellbound.  A charming host and soulful house band have been joined by some of Chicago’s best entertainers – acrobats, clowns, dancers, stand up comedians, improv duos, burlesque acts, comedy saxophonists, short films, essayists, and a Mongolian strongman.

Our hope is that the show will be ever changing, and not just with fresh performers and new sketches, but with the mood, scope, and format.  We want every iteration of the show to feel like a rebirth, and an event that is worthwhile for the audience to see.

About the Host

Costa Lapaseotes is a performer, writer, butcher and producer.  Since coming to Chicago, Costa has studied improv, sketch writing, and screenwriting at the Second City  and iO.  He has performed standup, sketch and improv throughout the city, has acted in several short films, and is the star of an upcoming webseries (info coming as available).  Since creating the CostaCoast Cabaret he’s found his real passion, bringing entertaining people together to entertain people.

Beyond traditional comedy, Costa has hosted live butchering classes and demonstrations, performed original songs, and cooked for parties.  He is a three-time champion of the Onion’s Urban Rodeo League, as well as its one-time emcee. He’s great at weddings and birthdays.

E-mail costacoast@gmail.com

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