“What was that, that you just said?” “I said you’re not the woman I -” “Not that. About my name on a placard.” “No, I said NOT putting your name on a placard.” “About NOT putting my name on a placard, then.” “I said you’re not some martyr who deserves to have their name put up … More Dialogue

Springtime and Relationships – an essay

Springtime is nice, isn’t it?  Everyone seems to look forward to those first light-jacket days and birdsong mornings.  Spring is like watching Game of Thrones in reverse – “Winter is Leaving!” But it’s also full of false hopes.  Themes of rebirth and resurrection make you think you’re going to start to take charge and fix those things you’ve always … More Springtime and Relationships – an essay

From Mom

You’re not lost; you haven’t lost me,Just follow my tracks, try and keep up.“Don’t waste time” doesn’t just mean hurry,But live in front of a cloud of dust. You’re not lost, you’re right behind me,When this road forks take either way,No matter what I know you’ll find me,I won’t give up, I can wait all … More From Mom


“Pick one fencepost, and just keep going towards it.”  This was Dad’s version of slow and steady, I guess.  I was only eight, a quarter of the age of the tractor, but I was excited.  I was getting to drive.  And drive a tractor.  Dreams do come true… The tractor was digging a narrow trench in which … More Fencepost